Barley-lentils-risotto with avocado mousse

Barley-lentils-risotto with avocado mousse

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Go ahead and try it! Healthy barley and even more healthy lentils with creamy avocado mousse and selected vegetables. We do our best to give you a good vegan meal, while you enjoy being outdoor. 

Weight: 110 g
Category: Lactose free, vegan
Type: Main Meals

Ingredients: Red bell pepper, green lentils 27%, pearl* barley 21%, leek, avocado 4%, spices, herbs, pumpkin seeds, olive oil, lemon juice, garlic.

Nutrition facts
Pr 100g Pr serving 110g,
500g prepared
Calories 1653 kJ/394 kcal 1818 kJ/433 kcal