Chicken tikka-masala

Chicken tikka-masala

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Enjoy the Indian taste of chicken breast marinated in yoghurt and aromatic Indian spices. The coconut sauce gives a creamy touch to the meal and even more valuable nutritions. Rich in good calories, made of healthy ingredients, perfectly balanced. Watch out! You can get addicted to it!

Weight: 128 g
Category: Lactose free, meat
Type: Main Meals

Ingredients: Rice 30%. chicken breast fillet 24% (strips), tomato pulp 16% (tomatoes, salt, citric acid), greek yoghurt* 9%, coconut milk 8%, almonds*, canola oil, salt, spices (contains mustard*), sugar.

Nutrition facts
Pr 100g Pr serving 95g,
370g prepared
Pr serving 128g,
500g prepared

Calories 2443 kJ/589 kcal 2321 kJ/560 kcal 3127 kJ/754 kcal